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Thu. December 31, 2009
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I was tagged

for this challenge by one Miss Elena over at With Extra Pulp, and while I don’t ordinarily do challenges, I think it’s high time I get into the spirit of things. So without further ado, my attempt at the Honest Scrap Challenge. The rules of the challenge are as follows:

a. ‘The Honest Scrap Blogger Award’ must be shared.
b. The recipient has to tell 10 (true) things about themselves that no one else knows
c. The recipient has to pass on the award to 10 more bloggers.
d. Those 10 bloggers should link back to the blog that awarded them
I really can’t guarantee that these are things that no-one else knows, since I am a pretty open person and chances are good that people know some of them at the very least. But I’ll try and be as original as possible, I promise. Here goes!

  1. In year one, a teacher found a mini tape measure keyring and held it up in front of the class asking if anyone had lost it that day. I really fucking wanted that keyring tape measure. So I lied and said it was mine. This was (as far as my memory is concerned) the first time I intentionally lied to get something I wanted. And it was worth it for one golden afternoon spent extending and retracting that tape measure. Then the metal tip fell off and the tape retracted all the way in, essentially breaking it. Serves me right.
  2. I bite my nails. This is not something no-one knows about me. After all, if you’ve hung around me for more than five seconds you’ve probably seen me do it. But today, I’d like to clear up some facts about my nail biting:
    :: I don’t limit myself to nails. I also bite/tear/chew the skin on the pads of my fingertips, and the skin around the nails.
    :: It is not a nervous habit. I know this because I do it regardless of my situation. Also, I’m always aware of doing it, and I’m very purposeful in my biting patterns. I generally try and even out nails and tidy up bits of ragged skin.
    :: This is probably a bit gross, but I like the texture and the taste.
  3. Half of my left front tooth is fake. In a massive coincidence, so is Louise’s.
  4. I listen to entire albums rather than individual songs. I hate skipping tracks, no matter what the track is (even if it’s just five minutes of silence before a secret song). I figure if it’s in the album it was meant to be there. This means I suffer extensively from Next Song Syndrome.
  5. I fervently believe that my early adoption (from the age of 4) of video games as my main leisure activity has provided me with a lot of the problem solving and coordination skills that have helped me through life. Of course, it may have turned out slightly worse if my Mum hadn’t encouraged me into team sports and scouting to develop my social skills. Thanks Mum!
  6. When I remember people, I tend to remember them as looking up at them from a lower perspective. This despite being six foot, two inches tall. A psych might think this has something to do with self-esteem issues, but I prefer to think I just laze around and sit down a lot.
  7. I have trouble sticking to one way of writing, or developing a ‘personal style’ that everyone seems to be striving for. When I read books (and I do, a lot) I want to try them on. I want to see what I can do like that. My personal style is to be completely impersonal. Impersonating, even. On a related note, I will never be satisfied with my writing ability. I think this is just as well, since probably no-one else will be either. Heh, it also means that I will always strive to write more accomplished pieces, which can’t be a bad thing.
  8. On the subject of writing, the one story of mine that has been published in a printed journal is the one I like the least.
  9. I am weak for cute girls with glasses (not that weak, Lou, never fear!).
  10. I can never, ever make it to the required number of facts/figures/statistics that memes need! :(

According to the rules, I need to tag 10 people. I’m not sure I actually know 10 bloggers, so I’ll tag:

Steph at Ginger and Honey, though I’m relatively certain she won’t do it given the content of her blog. She’s more for beautiful words than space-filler memes. ;P

Todd over at Todd Keisling, whom is in the throes of writing a follow-up novel to his A Life Transparent (which you should all buy, by the way. It’s a good stocking filler!).

Aditi over at Blotting Paper, who continues to far outstrip me in terms of useful content and hits per day (I suspect this has been happening from day one).

Sumant at Half a Page of Scribbled Lines who has recently grown a lot larger in my eyes as the only other person I know that has bought Beatles Rock Band (it is awesome).

Cian at Crazy Like a Fox, who has recently been made redundant and needs things to do to fill her empty, empty life (that’s for the spelling jibes).

Carly at (I think) Deja Entendu, who is a great Perth femblogger.

Rebecca at Beckoning who probably does not even read this blog, but whom I appreciate the fine artworks of.

Zak at Revenge of the Kakapo, who I work with and greatly respect the musical taste of (and we’re still waiting on your top 20, Zak!).

Oh, and I almost forgot, A.R. from My Life in Movies, who provides me with great reviews of movies I should really be watching!

Alright, that’s enough. Merry Everything to everyone and I hope the new year brings lots of new opportunities!

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